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We’re excited to share a new opportunity with parents: an interactive Kindergarten program that makes first grade readiness a priority.

To maximize your child’s learning, our interactive Kindergarten offers a:

  • Small class size that maximizes the personal attention your child receives.
  • Comprehensive curriculum that aligns to state and national Kindergarten standards.
  • Range of teaching methods that support personal learning styles.
  • Focus on activities designed to turn your kindergartner into a confident first grader.
  • Highly collaborative environment that emphasizes building relationships with classmates.
  • Development plan that incorporates ongoing assessments of your child’s progress.

If needed, you can easily coordinate your child’s school day with our extended day options.

Kindergarten is a critical year for young learners. Experienced Heritage Kids teachers will tap into your child’s natural curiosity to help boost school readiness. Our engaging lessons make the most of current technology while offering plenty of hands – on play and exploration.

  • Language Arts and Reading: Your child will learn literature, phonics, handwriting and language skills to help develop comprehension, build vocabulary and create a lifelong interest in reading.
  • Mathematics: Your child will build critical math skills through number, counting, sorting and pattern lessons designed to lay the foundation necessary for first grade.
  • Art: Your child will learn about lines, shapes  and colors as he or she creates personal masterpieces and develops motor skills.
  • Science: Your child will explore the world around him or her through science activities! We’ll focus on developing your child’s observation skills and learning key terms and concepts.
  • Social Studies: Your child will gain an understanding of people and places within his or her community, share stories from your family and culture with other children and explore the origin and meaning of national symbols and holidays.